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What Is Quickbooks Hosting & Its Benefits To Business?

What Is Quickbooks Hosting & Its Benefits To Business?
  • With the tremendous usability of accounting software in the marketplace, many businesses are summiting new Everest on a regular basis which is proving to be a good sign of market growth. Numerous of small-scale businesses are approaching for financial portals without entertaining second thoughts that might convey otherwise. The acceptance of such portals is offering ease to start-ups in many ways.

    The highly recommended accounting & taxation software, QuickBooks desktop editions have taken the whole business world to a new level by offering infinite of features. Originally developed & designed by Intuit, QuickBooks traditional versions are enormously got integrated with millions of businesses and offered both flexibility and reliability to users. But with time, the need for something more advance & secure has realized by both users & the company.

    Technology has no limitations instead it vasts with time; each second pays its importance when it comes to the market world. The company, Intuit, also quests for innovation which can be reliable to their customers and in meantime offers them more flexibility without compromising with the security of data. Cloud technology was the perfect answer for each & every concern of Intuit’s and thus the actual need of hosting provider comes to notice.

    In order to offer more ease to already-hooked users, Intuit decided to extend QuickBooks functionalities and provided one decent option to convert “machine-based software into cloud-based software” effortlessly. Now the approach of doing this conversion is at its peak but to avail the same, Intuit asked third parties to offer their servers for QuickBooks software integration process. As the name speaks, many third parties accepted the quote raised by Intuit and only authenticity passed third parties are allowed to offer the hosting service.

    The Main Query: What Is QuickBooks Hosting?

    Where most of the already-hooked users are all set to avail the service, some are still struggling hard to know what exactly is QuickBooks hosting! Do they need to purchase it from Intuit?, Does integrating data means they will lose access to the desktop software? & many more. But in reality, QuickBooks hosting is a way to get an instant entry in the cloud network and access your data files over there.

    The data which is being saved in the cloud network can only be accessed when it is being hosted on a server. The third party offers their server to QuickBooks users where they can access the data files originally saved over the cloud. This is the basic concept of QuickBooks hosting where the traditional desktop-based QuickBooks software is being hosted on a server.

    Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

    There will be surely some interesting & scalable benefits of hosting QuickBooks desktop editions due to which many businesses are availing the integration to cloud. Some of the precise benefits that are useful for all business kinds are described below:

    1. One-click reports checking: Users can instantly check & track all the changes made on any particular report as the cloud-based application works in real-time constraints. The user doesn’t need to consume much time to get updated report file instead can avail directly at one single click.
    2. Convenient to access anytime, anywhere: The application after hosting to cloud network can be accessed via any device at any time without any much efforts. All the authentic users can work in a flow, no matter at what place, from what device, using which OS, on which time they are accessing the files.
    3. Ease of payroll management: No more burden to calculate payrolls each month, as the application is capable of doing the same. The hosting provider keeps you updated with all the recent changes made in HR field laws. Business will not be hampered due to such management.
    4. Same data with enhanced security:Hosting doesn’t mean data conversion in any manner; user’s data will be transferred to the cloud and not retained at any cost. This is the major benefit of integration to cloud as the user is still using the same QuickBooks software. Cloud network enriches data security.
    5. In-house IT department is old talk: Businesses can get free of unwanted expenses while having advanced software such as cloud-based QuickBooks. No user needs to invest in IT departments as the hosting provider will take care of all the issue fetched by the business during the integration period.

    Fortunately, QuickBooks hosting is reliable, flexible, secure & advanced in every manner and thus offers growth in small times to businesses.