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The Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

The Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Does your company currently use QuickBooks as your business accounting solution? QuickBooks offers businesses of varying size the ability to get a firm grasp on their financial accounts. Regardless of the size of your company, it can prove to be incredibly beneficial to consider the value of QuickBooks hosting. While QuickBooks certainly does offer a method of having a firm grip on what your company’s financial status is, you can boost the level of control that you have when you look into a hosted QuickBooks solution.

Remote Access – Anytime

One of the key benefits of a hosted QuickBooks solution is that you or your accounting professional can access your data from anywhere. This means that your data can be accessed and worked whether you are in the office, in your home office, or on the beach. This type of remote access offers an incredible amount of business flexibility, and can also help to boost productivity. All you need to have is a reliable laptop and a stable internet connection.

Reduction in IT Costs

Many companies report that their IT costs are by far amongst their largest business expenses. Hosting QuickBooks can help the average company to reduce IT costs by 40% or even more, which is an incredible potential for savings to consider.

Some of the reduction in costs will come from not needing to invest a significant amount of capital into hardware and hardware upgrades. Servers can be incredibly expensive, and if you purchase one that is on the smaller side then you could find yourself needing to upgrade its capacity within a relatively short amount of time.

Another reduction in your IT costs can be seen by reducing the need to have an extensive IT staff on hand. When your company invests in a QuickBooks hosting solution, you will have ready access to a team of IT professionals who can swiftly help you to resolve any issues that you may experience.

Reliability and Security

What happens to your company’s ability to remain efficient and even operational when you experience a power outage in the office? What happens if your primary server fails? Hosting QuickBooks offsite will ensure that you have the reliability that comes from working with a hosting company with a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery services will swiftly switch your data to another server, in another data center, so that you experience little to no downtime with your operations.

This type of reliability is truly priceless. As is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the data centers storing your company’s financial information are utilizing the latest and greatest in encryption tools. With your data backed up routinely, you’ll be able to rest assured that not even a flood or fire at your place of business can keep your company from getting back up and getting back to business.

There are definitely a large number of benefits to QuickBooks hosting. Carefully weigh all of your options and do a bit of number crunching. With the ability to slash your overall IT expenses, you’ll likely find that hosting QuickBooks is worth every penny of your invested time and money.