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GradeHost provides top-tier hosting solutions for businesses seeking robust, scalable, and reliable website performance.


Why Our Hosting is the best

At GRADE HOST, we’ve been providing
top-notch domain and hosting services for
over seven years. We understand that in
today’s digital landscape, a strong online
presence is essential for businesses of all sizes.
That’s why we’ve partnered with industry
giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to
offer you the most reliable and cutting-edge
hosting solutions available.


Get best plans for more Power

Unlock limitless potential with our best plans, designed to give your website more power and scalability. Experience exceptional performance and take your online presence to the next level with GradeHost.

Turbo Charged Servers (Litespeed, Solid State Drives, Intel Xeon Processors)

Enhanced security with CloudLinux's server environment

AMD EPYC Rome Processors for maximum performance

Powerful website hosting

GradeHost is a top-tier hosting provider known for its commitment to delivering exceptional online experiences. With cutting-edge technology and a stateof-the-art infrastructure, we empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital landscape.

Lightning-Fast NVMe SSD Hosting

Our web servers are backed by NVMe Solid State Drives, which are up to 600% quicker at accessing data than regular SSD's. Data access is extremely important for CMS based websites such as Wordpress because they require constant database access.

Website Builder Included

Build your professional site with Sitepad, an easy to use Free Migrations premium website builder. Freely includes over 354 professional themes based on Newsletters, Photo galleries, Blogs, Form Makers, Shopping Carts and much more!

Our New Campaign

Go Global With GradeHost

GradeHost launches “Go Global” campaign to help businesses expand globally. With tailored hosting solutions, GradeHost partners with companies to reach customers worldwide and enable sustainable growth.