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A Little Information About Cloud Computing

A Little Information About Cloud Computing
  • The next big thing in computers is cloud computing. It may sounds like something that’s fluffy and floating around in the sky, but it isn’t. Cloud computing got its name from the symbol that was used to describe it on charts. What it is, basically, is on demand hosting. Instead of all of the computing tasks being done by one dedicated machine, it is farmed out into various connections and other computers over the Internet.

    Cloud computing is often called utility computing, since it is a pay as you go service, similar to your electric bill. This is particularly true for the Infrastructure-as-a-service model. The most well-known of model of this kind of cloud computing is Amazon Web Services. What they do is give you a unique IP address, and blocks of s available storage. The company then provides a user interface that allows the used to access, start or stop the software. This usage can be sold by the minute, or by the hour, so that you only pay for what you actually use.

    Cloud service can be public or private. A public cloud has services that are offered to anyone who pays for them, and anyone has the chance to access them. A private cloud is run and owned by a particular company, and they limit the access to those people who work for them or to clients who need those services. A private cloud can be created on a public cloud by a service provider, thus creating something called a virtual private cloud.

    One worry when it comes to cloud computing is security. Computer security is a large ongoing issue to begin with, with break-ins happening even with firewalls, and security systems in place. Then, add in the more nebulous nature of the cloud computing into the mix, and many people get worried about the security of information. Normal security precautions don’t work on clouds. Since there are many different connections that get used, each one is a potential weak point. There are steps that can be taken to secure data and information, and more are being developed. Right now, it is best to be vigilant when it comes to security and cloud computing. Clouds are the way of the future, they allow for more computing to happen.